2. Vanda Clinic and Aesthetics System (2016) > Vanda Clinic Management Systems (2016) > Patient Module
  • To access Vaccination, use the following methods:
    • Click Patient Task Panel and click on Vaccination
  • To Search Vaccination
    • By default, system loads all the vaccination request for current date
    • User can also search vaccination within a specific date range by indicating the ‘from’ and ‘to’ date 
    • User can also limit the search result ‘for current selected patient’ only.
  • To View Vaccination
    • Select a vaccination request record from screen, right click ‘View Vaccination Details’
  • The vaccination details will be loaded into the entry screen.
  • To add Vaccination
    • Right-click on Vaccination Home screen and select Add Vaccination
    • Or Click     and click on Add Vaccination
    • The vaccination entry screen will be shown.
  • Indicate the Date and Vaccine details, click ‘save’ to save the record or ‘cancel’ to exit.
  • To Delete Vaccination
    • Select a vaccination record, right click and select ‘Delete Vaccination’
  • To Print Vaccination Certificate
    • Select a vaccination record, right click and select ‘Print’
  • Preview the vaccination certificate. Click ‘Print’ button on the preview screen to print it.

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