Patient Management

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How to manage patients in the Patient Queue
  • Go to Patient Management >> Patients Queue Home or Patient & Billing Management >> Patient Management or click Patient Queue in the shortcut bar on top or press F2
  • Open the Patient Picker by going to File >> Show Patient Picker or clicking Patient Search in the shortcut bar on top or pressing F1
  • Click Add to Queue
  • Select the Queue Date from the drop-down calendar
  • Select a Consult Doctor from the drop-down list
  • Select a Visiting Purpose
  • Fill in the Remarks in the respective text field
  • Click OK to add the patient to the Patient Queue
  • Use the green upward and downward-pointing arrows to move the selected patient up or down the Patient Queue
  • You can Filter queue by date by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting a date
  • You can Filter queue by doctor by ticking the respective check-box and selecting a doctor from the drop-down list
  • You can Hide Closed Session by ticking the respective check-box
  • Click Refresh to refresh the Patient Queue
  • Click Update Status to update the status of a selected patient
  • Click Print to print the Patient Queue Report
  • With a patient selected, right-click on the selected patient and click one of the following:
    • Remove / Check Patient Out from Queue to remove or check out the selected patient from the Patient Queue
    • Edit Patient to edit the selected patient's personal particulars and other information
    • Editing Visiting Purposes to change the visiting purposes of the selected patient
    • Edit Status to change the queue status of the selected patient
    • Edit Consult to change the consultation time of the selected patient
    • Print Label and click one of the three options to print the respective label for the selected patient

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