Patient Consent Form

2. Vanda Clinic and Aesthetics System (2016) > Vanda Clinic Management Systems (2016) > Patient Module
How to manage Patient Consent Forms
  • Go to Patient & Billing Management >> Patient Consent Form
  • Click Add to add a new consent form
  • Click Edit to edit the ticked consent form
  • Click Delete to delete the ticked consent form
  • Select the Date of Record from the drop-down calendar
  • Select the Doctor / Therapist from the drop-down list
  • Fill in the Witness name in the respective text field
  • Fill in the Remarks in the respective text fields
  • Under the Tablet Signing tab:
    • With a tablet connected, you can sign in the respective signature fields
    • Click Clear to clear the signature
    • Click Accept to accept the signature
    • Click Reset to reset a previously accepted signature
  • Under the Wacom Signature Pad tab:
    • Click Start to start signing
    • With a signature pad connected, you can sign in the respective signature fields
    • Click Done when you are done signing
    • Click Clear to clear the signature
  • Click Save when done
  • Click Preview to preview the ticked consent form
  • Click Print to print the ticked consent form

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