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How to manage appointments?
  • Go to Patient & Billing Management >> Appointments
  • The Appointments module will display the appointments for today in the centre area with a toolbar above it. On the right side are the calendar and appointment list, which will be populated once a patient is selected.
Vanda appointment module
The Appointment module showing the right-click menu for an existing appointment. "Add to Queue" lets the patient be added to the queue immediately (e.g. when patient has arrived). Clicking an appointment will cause the appointment list on the right to change to the selected patient.
  • You can Filter the interface by ticking "Filter By" check-box, selecting an option from the drop-down list, filling in the text field and clicking Search
  • Click the Day View icon  to display the interface by days
  • Click the Work Week View icon  to display the interface by work weeks
  • Click the Week View icon  to display the interface by weeks
  • Click the Month View icon  to display the interface by months
  • Click the Timeline View icon  to display the interface by timeline
  • Click the Refresh icon  to refresh the interface
  • Click the Print Preview icon  to preview the printed pages
  • Click the Page Setup icon  to configure the print layout
  • Click the Quick Print icon  to print the schedule
  • To create new appointment, notice, or block, select the desired empty timeslot, right-click on it, and choose the corresponding "New ..." option.
New Appointment
  • Select the Appointment Date from the drop-down calendar
  • Set the Start Time and End Time
  • Tick New/Unregister Patient if the patient is new or if you want to un-register the existing patient
  • Enter the Patient Name
  • Enter the patient's Phone number
  • Enter the patient's Mobile number
  • Select the clinic Branch from the drop-down list
  • Select the Doctor from the drop-down list
  • Tick the Visit Purpose
  • Enter the Remarks
  • Tick Reminder and select a duration from the drop-down list if you want to set a reminder for the appointment
  • Click Save or Cancel when done
New Notice
  • Select the Appointment Date from the drop-down calendar
  • Select the Doctor from the drop-down list
  • Enter the Remarks
  • Click Save or Cancel when done
New Block
  • Set the Start Time and End Time (Important: The end date must be the same as the start date. To set a multiple-day block, block one day at a time.)
  • Tick All Day if the block is for full days
  • Select the Doctor from the drop-down list
  • Enter the Remarks
  • Click Save or Cancel when done
Day View 
Work Week View
Week View 
Month View
Timeline View

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