2. Assign Project Owner Staff to AREA

Assign Project Owner Staff to AREA
  1. Click on Staff, click 3 dots menu on selected staff then click Credential
  1. Fill Generate Credential information for staff (username and password) then click SAVE, This is used for project owner staff to login to vms.
  1. Staff has been generated to become user, update the information then click SAVE.
  1. Next step is to set the new user to Project owner staff. Click on User management, click on the 3 dots menu in selected user, click Setting user.
  1. Select Project Owner and then click SAVE.
  1. Now go to AREA, click on the Add Assignment button
  1. In Personnel Type select Project Owner, Personnel select the name of staff, and select  Area (can be multiple selection) that can be accessed by the staff then click on ASSIGN.
  1. Now the Project Owner staff has been assigned to the Area.

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