Vanda for Managed Care Organization -Manual 2020 (Portal One)

Portal One – User will be Head clinic admin and Manager

Username: abc01
Password: xWesRFB8

Portal Two – User will be Member/Patients

Username: I20201112 (Default username is I+IC number)
Password: 20100101(Default password is birthday)
Policy Plans: SJMNOV2020

Portal Three – User will be Panel Clinic and Branches

Username: sjm_2020 (Login as SJM Panel Clinic)
Password: Test_123
Portal One - User will be Head clinic admin and Manager

Tenant Info

Basic infor setup and manage for Organization


Basic infor setup and manage for Branches/Panels
Click  to add ​ new Branches/Panel Clinic

User Management

Add and manage User for each Branch/Panel
Click  to add and manage user


Insurance – Claims
Search/edit/add/manage Insurance Claims (If the branch/Panel ask Organization for help to add the claim for them, they may not add due to internet or other reason)
Click  to search Claim
Click  to Approve Claim
Claim Approve (User check the claim and approve, once approve, the Balance of Member’s insurance package will be updated)
Location difference to help Organization to judge the cliam
Click  to help Branches/Panel Clinic to add claim
Click   to export Claim report
Insurance – Items
Edit/add/manage the insurance service item, such as GP/SP/TCM
Click   to add new ITEM
Insurance – Plans
Edit/add/manage the insurance plan
Click   to add new Insurance plan
Insurance – Member
Edit/add/manage/import Member
Click   to add Member
Click   to import Member list
PS, need to download Template 
Click  to export Member list.
Settings – Clinical Data
Click  to manage basic setting

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