User Guide Setup for 2FA

  1. Login to CTMS.
  1. Under My Profile, select Account Security
  1. Click onto the wrench setup icon Under Two-Factor Authentication.
  1. Type in your account password for confirmation.
  1. They will recommend 3 different authenticators suitable for the type of phones you are using. Once you have downloaded the suitable authenticator, press “Setup”.
  1. A QR Code will be generated and you will need to scan the QR code using your downloaded Authenticator in your mobile phone.
  1. Once scanned, a 6 digit pin will be generated for you and enter the pin number into CTMS.
  1. You have now successfully activated your 2FA authentication. Each time you login your CTMS account, you will be prompted to key in the 6 digit Pin generated by your authenticator, this pin will refresh once every 30seconds. 

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