2. How to Assign and Unassign Temporary visitor

How to assign and unassign Temporary visitor
  1. Login to VMS
  2. Make sure the Temporary visitor to be assigned already exists, if you don’t have it, you can follow the steps to register a new temporary here.
  3. Click on Area, list area will appear and then click on  Add Assignment button.
  1. In Personnel Type select Temporary, and fill in the temporary information;
  • Personnel: Name of Temporary user
  • Area: The area to be assigned
  • Serial No: Serial no of visitor card
  • Then Click on ASSIGN
  1. Temporary visitor assigned to the Area
How to Uassign Temporary from Area
  1. To unassign Temporary visitor, make sure the temporary visitor has been previously assigned in Area.
  2. Login to VMS
  3. Click on Area, then click on Action button
  1. In Assignment List click on Temporary tab, then click icon Unassign.
  1. Check on the checkbox if the temporary visitor already returned the temporary card and then click UNASSIGN.
  1. Temporary visitor successfully unassign.

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