How to Applay for Demolition Operational Permit-To-Work

  1. Login to CTMS as Applicant.
  2. Click into PTW plan and press the ‘+’ Button at the bottom right.
  3. In Add new plan, Select H-PTW-Demolition Operation (03A-207A2-Demolition Operation).
  1. Select your Start date, fill in your Duration(days), and pick your Location then click Save.
  2. Your created Demolition plan will appear on the Calendar.
  1. Click onto the Demolition plan that you have just created, then click on Detail plan.
  2. The Plan details and a list of forms will show.
  1. First, you need to attach all your RA/SWP/LOA. You can do so by pressing the Prerequisite. Then attach by selecting your approved RA/SWP/LOA and press submit when done. Once submitted, the following will show for Prerequisite.
  1. Next, for Toolbox Meeting, click on create and then select and attach the toolbox meeting that you have created before, or you can create a new one by pressing the ‘Create’ button below
  1. After that you can proceed to do the other checklist in the PTW plan by pressing create and fill in the questions inside appropriately. Once submitted, wait for your assessor and approver to assess and approve your forms.
  2. After all the forms are assessed and approved, you can then proceed to create the main form and submit it.
  3. The main form needs to be assessed and approved by an assessor and approver
  4. After Main form in Day 1 Approved, the applicant can continue to the next day
  5. Repeat the same steps for Day 2 onwards, note that some of the forms will not appear in day 2 as they are only required to be done in day 1.
  1. After the applicant submit daily forms and the forms have assessed or approved, The applicant must sign the application Day 2 on the Main form on the 2nd day
  1. Then the Assessor need to Endorse the Assessment in Day 2 also
  1. If the Operation is completed in Day 2, The applicant needs to return to the Main form  and press complete to show that the PTW plan has completed.
  1. When the PTW plan is completed by the Applicant, a notification will appear that the PTW form has been completed and doesn’t require any more action.

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