Create PTW Plan

Create PTW Plan
  • Login to CTMS as Applicant
  • Click on PTW Plan > Click plus button
  • In Add New Plan, Select Main Form, fill up the Start date, Duration (days), and Location then click SAVE
  • The plan will appear on the calendar
  • Click the plan that has been made on calender > click Detail Plan
  • Plan details with forms will appear, Forms with yellow box must be complete workflow before can submit the Main Form (Red Box)
  • Next day create a daily form and assess or approve by the Assessor or Approver
  • For example, if the form "Daily HSE Toolbox Meeting Record" has 2 workflows (Applicant> Assessor). Then the form must have a complete workflow. After all the forms in the yellow box are complete, the Main form can be submitted.
  • The main form must get Assessment and approval for operational.
  • If the operation is complete, the PTW applicant needs to return to Main form day 1 and complete it to state that the operation is complete.
  • When the PTW Plan is complete by the Applicant. then a notification will appear that the PTW forms has been completed and doesn't require any more action.

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