Create form Submit Permit to Work on the CTMS 2.0

1. Login to CTMS
2. Click on Daily Work
3. Following is the explanation for important buttons.
3.1. Apply Form: Button to create permit and new form
3.2. Filter Form, Allow you to filter:
  • Date Range: Today, This week, Last 2 week, Last 30 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 6 Months, and User Defined.
  • Form Type: All Forms, Permit to Work (PTW), Checklist (CHK). Etc.
  • Status: All status, To Do, Draft, Submitted, Assessed, Approved, Reject, Etc.
  • Reviewer: Applicant, Supervisor, WSH, Project Manager, Etc.
3.3. Menu Button: To show and hide the Apply Form and Filter button.
3.4. Print & Edit Button: To print preview the form and Edit the form (Assessed, Approved, Reject, etc.)
4. To submit permit to work follow the step below:
  • Click Menu Button > Apply Form, Click on the type of form you prefer. If you would like to create Permit to Work, select it on Permit to Work. It is the same for the other form types.
  • Then select permit from the list, to create permit.
  • Fill in the information required. Then click on `SUBMIT` to submit form.
  • The submitted form will displays on the list.
  • You are able to filter by Date Range, Form Type, Status and Reviewer to change display list.

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