VMS - Visitor Management

VMS (Visitor Management System)  Is a system that manages visitors who enter the site project, Visitor module is used to register new visitor that come to the site project, then after the visitor go out from project site we will release the visitor. Once the visitor is registered, it will automatically get the ID. And when the visitor is released, the ID will back to the list and able to be used to another visitor.
Visitor Management
  1. Login to CTMS as Administrator
  2. Go to Project > Visitor
3. Click On Visitor Management

4. Then will appear as follows :

Button explanation:
 To search visitor based on name and Identity Number.
To register new visitor.
To scan QR Code that available on the visitor card, after scanned user is able to register new visitor.
To view visitor record, including time IN and OUT and the status that the visitor was released.
To Release the visitor that leave from site Project.

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