1. First thing to check is the battery level.

2. Look at the solar panel controller.

3. If the battery voltage is below 12V, it needs to be charged up before the CCTV system can function. If there is a spare battery, swap this out and charge the weak battery with an AC charger.



4. If the battery is strong then continue with the following steps.

5. Switch OFF router, wait for 3 seconds and switch it ON again.

6. Then wait for 10 seconds and switch OFF the camera.

7. Wait for another 3 seconds and then switch ON the camera.

8. There will be an orange light inside the camera after it is switched on and the camera should be rotating after 15 seconds.(You can view a video of the rotation check here)

9. It will take about 2-5 minutes before the camera can be viewed in the video management system



If the above steps do not help, please proceed to check the following individual components as well:


1. Check that network cables are securely plugged in and the antenna cables are securely tightened.


2. If your router looks like this, please check that the first 3 LEDs are lighted up. It can be hard to see them in the bright daylight so use your hand to shield them from the sunlight.


The LEDs can also be on the underside if your 4G LTE router is a different model.





No Power To The 4G LTE Router


Please check that the power supply connector is inserted securely into the router.


If the router looks like this then ensure that the power button is also pressed down.


Charging The Battery Only

1. Ensure that all switches are set to OFF except the top switch which is the charging switch.



2. Check that charging cables are securely connected to the battery.

3. If the battery is not charging quickly then you might need to reset the solar panel controller. If it’s not able to reach its full capacity after charging for a day then the battery might need to be replaced.



Resetting The Solar Panel Controller

Do this only when the charging switch is on but the battery is not being charged or is charging too slowly even in good weather.

1. Put the 4 switches to off.

2. Unscrew out the red and black cable from the backup battery.

3. Wait for a while then connect back the red and black cables. This is to restart the solar panel controller as there is no on/off switch between the battery and controller.

4. DO NOT touch any of the buttons on the solar panel controller during this process.

5. Let the battery charge. DO NOT turn on any switches except for the CHARGING switch.

Wait till next day to power on everything.


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