Use of Beacon in CTMS

In CTMS Beacon uses for Asset tracking, including worker and inventory asset. Following is the detail of Beacon implementation in CTMS.
1.  Beacon for Inventory asset tracking
I. Login to CTMS and go to Administration > Data Setup > Inventory Asset
II. Select one item the click on Beacon icon (1), then Beacon list will appear (2). Select one device and click Assign (3).
III. The assigned beacon information and its location will display on the list. When the asset is moved to other location, you can Release it.
VI. To automate the maintenance period check, click on Edit icon (1) to open the item detail.
VII. Then inside editor click on Maintenance button (2),
VIII. The checklist of its item will appear (3), fill up the checklist and Submit. *Please see point X on how to assign checklist into asset.
IX. After checklist submitted, field Next Maintenance / Calibration will change automatically to be next period based on the selected period (Daily/Monthly/Yearly).
X. Before submit checklist from asset item, you must assign the checklist into asset item first.
     Go to Administration > Project Management (select active project) > Manage Form.
XI. Select checklist template that would assigned into asset item then click on Assign button (1). 
      When the pop up of asset list item appear, select the item (2).
      Then the assigned asset will displaying on the form list (3).

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