Submit Permit to Work on the CTMS New Version

1. Login to CTMS
2. Following is the explanation for important buttons.
3. To submit permit to work follow the step below:
    a. Click on the type of form you prefer. If you would like to create Permit to Work, the select on Permit to Work. It is same for the other form type.
    b. Click on plus button (+)
    c. Then select permit from the list, click `CREATE` to create permit.
   d. Select work location from drop-down, it is allow you to select multiple location.
   e. Fill in the information required. Then click on `SUBMIT` to submit form.
   f. The submitted form will displays on the list.
   g. You are able to filter by Work location, Outstanding, and Time submission to change display list.
   h. Scroll down and find `Previous` and `Next` button, to see the other outstanding.
   g. Click on the Dashboard if you want to see your Outstanding, Status tracker, and the submission summary on charts.
   h. Following is the Dashboard view.
4. You are able to submit new form with same content with previous form, using "Rework" button. The form that submitted using Rework button will have annotate on the form number as on image below:
5. Then Project Manager and other management staff are able to stop the form submission using button "Reject" and "Revoke".
    - The Reject button uses for refuse submitted form if content is not suitable or the condition not safe to doing work. The Reject is allowed for all next roles.
    - The Revoke button uses for refuse form if content is not suitable or the condition not safe to doing work, and only allowed for Project Manager or other authorized staff.
The rejected and/or Revoked form will have annotate on the status as image below:

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