CTMS - Telegram Notification

Following is the steps to activating the Telegram notification on CTMS.
1. Search and CTMS bot on the search directory. The CTMS bot name is @msa_ctms_bot
and Add CTMS telegram bot. 
2. Sent the test message to the bot by click `Start`
3. The bot will reply with available menu, that are /register, /unregister, /info.
4. Send /register to join this bot.
5. Then bot will ask your mobile number that registered on Telegram and CTMS, it's should be same.
6. After that you will receive notification that your registration has been done successfully and will receive the notification if there is outstanding Permit to Work and/or rejected/revoked Permit to Work.
7. Following is the notification of outstanding permit. The notification will send 3 times for each outstanding. You are able to click on the permit number to open the permit directly (log in required).
8. You are able to check your registered number on the bot by send message /info.

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