Create New User Account and Assign to Project

Following is step by step on how to create new user account and assign to the project.
1. Login to CTMS as Administrator
2. Go to Administrator > User Management.
3. Click on Add (plus button) then it will direct to User Management page.
4. In the User Management page, you need to fill in Personal information and Account information then click on Create Account.
5. After new account has been created, you can edit , change password etc using available function. Following is the detail :
 To edit user profile
 To reset user password
 User role setting, to define user's role being Administrator, Staff, or Management. 
 To set the on leave user.
 On leave management.
 To remove account.
Then to assign user to project, go to Administration > Project Management > Manage User.
- Select User and Role then click on Assign button. After that try to search new user using Filter by name to ensure new user has been assigned.
Last step is login to CTMS using new account and activate project by click on "No Active Project" then "Switch Project".
Select project and OK. After that your active project will indicate on green button.

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