BIM CTMS - QR Code and Scanner in CTMS

BIM CTMS provided QR code for each element, you can generate the QR code using following steps:
You can watch here for the youtube video.
1. Login to CTMS and go to Project > Site Location > QR Code Preview.
2. In the BIM viewer page, you can select a location from 3D modelling. Once you tap on the element, the element description will automatically appear then click on the print button to preview QR code.
note: The red is work location and the other (no color) is element. 
After QR code generated, you can scan it using CTMS Scanner. Go to Project > QR Code Scanner.
Once QR Code scanner page opened, system will automatically accessing camera device. Please pointing the camera to QR code and it will scanned automatically, after Scan value filled in click GO.
Then you will go to the "select templates" page, you can create a template form on your selected location.

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