BIM CTMS - Upload revit file and implement BIM modelling into Permit to Work

Following the steps to upload a revit file into CTMS. You can watch the youtube video here.
1. Login to CTMS using following credential:
Username : user
Password : 123456
2. Go to Administration > Project Management > manage Locations.
3. In Manage Location page, click on Add (plus button) to upload new revit file.
4. In the New Location page, click on UPLOAD button and select revit file from your local PC.
5. Wait till uploading process is done and fill in BIM Name and SAVE.
6. After revit file is uploaded, it will appear in the list. You can Edit, Download, or Remove.
The uploaded revit file (BIM file) is containing work location which reflected real location on site.
You are able to submit a permit to work on the work location of BIM file. Following the steps:
1. Go to Project > Permit to Work > Add (plus button) > Create new permit.
2. On the page editor, select BIM location then 3D model will appear. 
3. Select one of work location on the 3D model, and Work Location field will fill in automatically by selected work location. After fill in required question, and then submit the permit.
4. The selected location will appear in the list of permit to work.

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