CTMS - Photo Annotation

CTMS allows the user to annotate the uploaded photo to clarify the intentions of the photo.
Here it is the steps and explanation of Photo Annotation feature:
1. Upload photo on the Form and click on EDIT
2. After you click on EDIT, the Photo Editor will appear with the buttons. Following the explanation of each button:
        1.   Undo button : To reverse your last action. You can reverse more than one action.
        2.   Deselect button : To eliminate previous selected effects.
        3.   Pen button : To add the line annotation.
        4.   Text button : To add the text annotation.
        5.   Redo button : To reverse your last Undo. You can reverse more than one action that has been undone. You can use Redo command only after Undo command.
3. When your annotation has been done, please click on SAVE button. You are also able to remove uploaded photo using REMOVE button, and re-upload the photo.

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