How to Setting up the Project Roles and Designation on CTMS

CTMS provides module to customize CTMS user with user roles on the real site location.
Following the steps to setting up the Project Roles:
1. Login to CTMS as Administrator user. Click on the Administration Menu and select Data Setup , then press Manage on Project Roles.
2. On the Project Role Management page, user will able to add new role (button 1), edit (button 2), and remove existing role (button 3).
3. To add new role, user need to fill in the role ID and role name, then select the permission of the new role. Following the explanation for the permission :
    - Is Subcontractor : this role is to set the new role as subcontractor user only.
    - Operational Role : set the role as operational staff at the Maincontractor.
    - Management Role : this role is for management staff only, user on this role will able to see and check all of projects. 
    - Allow Bulk Approve : this permission allows user to do a bulk action if there are many outstanding permits that needs to be approved. User will be able to approve all of permits in one click.
    - Allow Revoke : this permission is for setting up the user who able to do Revoke of the form. 
After all of requirements are filled up, then press on Add Role to save the new role.
CTMS also allows user to assign a worker to the specific project using Designation module. 
Here it is the steps to do worker assignment:
1. Login to CTMS as Admin user.
2. Click on the Administration > Data Setup.
3. Select Manage on Designation menu.
4. In the Project role Management page, User is able to add new designation or remove existing designation.
5. To add new designation, user need to press on the plus button.
6. Once the Update page appear, user need to fill in the Designation and select the Classification. The classification is based on BCA (The Building and Construction Authority) classification.
7. After all requirements filled up, then press on Set Designation to save the new designation.

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