CTMS - Skype Notification

Here is the steps to activating the Skype notification on CTMS.
1. Please add the CTMS-NOTIFICATION-BOT at the link below:
2. Open the CTMS-NOTIFICATION-BOT and do the registration.
The following are commands that can be used :
Help         :  listing available command         

Register   :  register as subscriber CTMS notification    
Unreg      :  unsubscribe the CTMS notification         

Info          :  show registered account information         

Cancel     : cancel any waterfall messages
Please type Register in the BOT and fill in following data:
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Designation
3. After you registered in CTMS-NOTIFICATION-BOT, you will able to receive notification for Outstanding permit, Rejected and Revoked permit.
On the message content, there is a form number which linked directly to the outstanding permit/form so that you can take the faster action.
4. If you want to check the available command line, please type Help

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