Certificate Module

How to Using Certificates Module in CTMS
1. Login to CTMS and go to Project > Certificates .
2. Click on Add button to add the new certificate.
3. Please fill in the mandatory question (Number) and fill in the other questions (Issuer, Type, Description and Expired date) if available.
You can select the Type of certificate from dropdown selection (How to define Certificate Type will explained below). 
Then press on Add Certificate.
4. After the certificate created, you able to upload the certificate document . The file format is PDF and image (JPG and PNG).
5. After the certificate document uploaded, you able to download or remove it.
    Then press on Update Certificate to save the changes.
    The uploaded certificate will able to select became attachment in the form .
6. You can filter certificate list by Type and search certificate by certificate number and issued.
You can define the Type of certificate at the Administration > Data Setup > Manage on Type of Certificate.
Click add (plus button) then fill in the Type name and Set Type. New type has been created and will show at the Certificate Type list.

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