How to install 3M QS1000 Scanner

Download the file from the link below if windows 64bit
Or download the file from the link below if windows 32bit
then the application run as administrator  
Follow the steps below
From start menu, we write 3M and choose 3M Reader Expo
As shown below screen
We go to path D:\Virgo\VirgoOffline1438, create folder and name it Data
Then right click folder Data and choose properties
From tap Security choose your user and click Edit, give your user the permission for authenticated user is Full control and click OK
From 3M Reader Expo screen choose Change Save
Directory from Image Menu, and choose folder Data then click Open
From Image Menu choose Image Encoding > JPEG and check Save All
From Scheme menu, we choose QS1000 then click Select or
when there is a reader of different model choose QS1000 or ePassport, for example then from tap Selected Panels check following options:
  • Document Summary  
  • ePassport : when exist RFID but in QS1000 not exist, so not check option.
  • IR Image
  • Machine Readable Zone
  • Visible Image
Then click Save Changes and click Select 
When this becomes the reader state is Enabled as shown below screen
Try now read a passport, we will find that it's read as shown following screen
Finally, we go to the System settings Virgo Offline from Other menu
from tap General choose Reader Path D:\Virgo\VirgoOffline1438\Data then click OK

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