How to download and Use WinMTR
1,Using the following methods:
After download WinMTR, double-click to run directly, after opening, we can see that the Host column of text boxes, within the Host text box input you want to track the IP or domain name, then press Start, as can be seen as shown in the figure below tracert and Ping results, as shown in the figure below:
2,You can test a few more minutes, and after the test is over, we can export the results.
Copy Text to clipboard - Copy the result in Text to the clipboard.
Copy HTML to clipboard - Copy the result to the clipboard in HTML form.
Export TEXT - Export the result in TEXT form.
Export HTML - Export the result in HTML form.
3,After the test, we can export the results:
Hostname: each node host IP or name that is passed by the destination server.
Nr: number of nodes;
Here's an example of a total of 12 nodes, the first of which is a local broadband gateway.
Loss% : the percentage of the ping packet's reply failed;
Thus, it can be determined that the node (line) is malfunctioning, whether the server is in the machine room or the international route.(the bottom 2 of the figure shows a 100% loss, which is normal because some nodes can't get the data after ping.
Sent: the number of packets that have been Sent.
Recv: the number of packets received successfully.
Best: the minimum response time.
Avrg: average response time.
Worst: the maximum response time.
Last: the Last packet response time.
Different network conditions, MTR will return different results.You need to do a correct analysis of the MTR results.

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