How to access Purchase Invoice Search?
To access Purchase Invoice home, use the following methods:
  • Click Inventory Task Panel on left. Click Purchase invoices in Task Panel Command
How does Purchase Invoices work?
The purchase invoices can be created after a purchase order is saved and confirmed. User will input the invoice number with reference from the tax invoice number on the actual invoice, then the purchase invoice will be created. The purchase invoices module allow users to store their purchasing records and also helps keep track of their purchases.
How to create Purchase Invoices?
  1. Click on Purchase Invoices.
  2. Click "Task" and select New Purchase Invoice.
  3. Input Vendor, Purchase Invoice Number, Payment methods and Items purchased. 
  4. Click Save to save the record.
How to edit the Purchase Invoices?
  1. Click on Purchase Invoices
  2. Right click on the invoice and click Edit Purchase Invoice
  3. Once done, click Save to save the record
Video Tutorial
PS: Kindly watch with FULL SCREEN

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