The AutoUpdateApp feature was released in the latest version of Vanda (ver11.4 and ver11.5). This feature allows the client PC to download new updates directly from our website. User no longer requires assistance of technical support staff from Magicsoft to perform remote software installation update on every single PCs in the clinic anymore.
How does AutoUpdateApp work?
1. Simply execute vanda.client.exe
2. If a new version is detected, it will prompt the autoupdate window
3. Changelog and fixes can be found under the release note
4. Click "Download" to download the patch file and wait till it completed the download
5. Click "Update" and the patch files will be applied to your vanda client
6. Login to vanda
I find the update is not necessary, can i skip the update? 
Yes, you may choose not to update your existing client version, however you will need to close the autoupdate prompt window everytime you execute vanda.client.exe. It is recommended to have your version updated to latest version to ensure a smooth experience on vanda.

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