Package dispensary and consent form

How to access Package & Service Dispense?
To access Package & Service Dispense home, use the following methods:
  • Click Patient & Billing Management on left. Click Package & Service Dispense  in Task Panel Command
How to Add Package?
  1. Right-click Dispensary Editor and select Add Packages OR Click Task  , Select Add Packages.
  2. Fill in Package Code, description, service date, discount , quantity, unit price and subtotal.
  3. Click OK to save the package
  4. OR click Cancel button to exit package editor.
How to dispense package?
  1. Click on Package & Service Dispense.
  2. Search the package.
  3. Select the record.
  4. Right click the record and click dispense.
  5. Fill up the form and click save.
Pls check video here for Package dispensary and package consent form.

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