Membership & Voucher redemption

How to become membership?
Patient need to buy some services to fulfill the membership type which set in master data. After patient pay the bill and it will auto become membership.
How to access Membership?
To access Membership home, use the following methods:
  • Click Patient & billing management on left. Click Membership in Task Panel Command.
How to redeem voucher?
  1. Click on Membership.
  2. Right click the member and select redeem voucher.
  3. Tick the voucher that user need to redeem.
  4. Click Redeem button.
  5. User will see the redeem transaction under transaction records.
How to use Voucher when payment?
  1. When add payment, user need to choose CASH VOUCHER ( payment method).
Video Tutorial
PS: Kindly watch with FULL SCREEN
Membership Video

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