How to add Patient into Queue List?
  1. Search Patient.
  2. Add Patient to queue.
  3. Users will able to see patient in the Queued list

How to go to next step?
  1. Click on the patient in the queued list.
  2. Vanda will show a NEXT STEP box.
  3. User able to select at the options if necessary.
  4. Tick - Set Current Tasks to Completed.
  5. Click Save button.
  6. Patient will go to another queue category.
How to  use Checklist?
  1. Select a patient in the queued list.
  2. Click on Tasks on left handside.
  3. Double click on the task.
  4. Vanda will guide user to checklist and user can key in the information in the checklist.
  5. Click DISK button to save records.
Video Tutorial
PS: Kindly watch with FULL SCREEN

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