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1. How to Register Company Subdomain

For the first time user register company account to ctms system
Flow diagram for How to register Company Account
1.Go to link
2.To Register CTMS Account, Click on 
3.You must complete the personal information [first name, last name, email address, username, password, retype password]    .And you must and you must specify your account setup [account name and URL https://]
4.Tick on “ I’m not a robot ”. 
5.Check for approval
6.And click   to make your CTMS account
7.If Succesful, the system will direct to your company subdomain. Example
8.Click button for login
9.Entry usermane and password as registered during company registration. And click Sign in

2. CTMS Landing  Page

After login, you will see CTMS Landing Page. The administrator user can access all the features:
  • Administration Menu
  • Project Menu
  • Notification
  • Project Summary


3.1 Data Setup
Data setup is master data for the system. To access go to Administration => Data Set Up
3.2 Project Roles
By default CTMS has number of Project Roles, but admin user can defined based on company roles
Click Edit belong to ID and defined the new role

3.3 Setup the form template master data

●     Login as admin user
To Upload a new template in form Template go to Administration => Data Set Up +> Form Template And Click  button
Click   to add new form template
●      Fill Form Type, Form Name, and Form Code fields
There are 6 Form type (Accident Report, Checklist, Investigation Report, Nonconformance, Permit to Work, Toolbox meeting)
 ●  The template must be in excel file (please contact ctms vendor to get help to prepare the excel template)
 ●  Once you are ready with your excel file, click to upload file template. And click  to upload
CTMS template library

●      If you don’t have excel template, has sample template for ctms library. Select   to get            template from library

●      Assign the workflow

Each template has section of workflow:
  •  Assign  in the role of the workflow
  • Give  Status For Submitter
  • Give Action for Submitter
  • Give sign if the form can revocable
  • Given sign if system need to send notification belong the created form

●      Once all the workflow settled, save the form

3.4 Setup User Management & Project Management

3.4.1 User Management

  • Login as administrator user
  • Go to Administration menu à User Management
  • Click  to add new User Management.Fill in the required fields. Once finish click create account 
  • Click User setting  and change as the “Staff” if assigned as staff. Change as “Administrator” if assigned as Admin. The default will be registered user.

3.4.2 Project Management

· Since you are main con, from Main contract tab. Create  to add new project

  • Complete the Project InformationProject ProfileContact and Contract (the company logo will appear to the dashboard
Project Profile
In Project Profile users complete Company logo, Project Code, Project Name and Project Description
In Contact, complete the contact data (Client, Architect, Structural Engineer, M&E Engineer, with the name and email address).
In the Contract, users can complete forms (Period, Contract Commencement Date, Contract Completion Date, Extended Contract Completion Date, Contract Sum, Timeline, Liquidates  Damages ). Manage Project User Manage Project Form Template
* To add new Form template Project Management Click on 
* Click on to import from master data
* Click on to copy template
3.5 Usage
To Know Form Submitted Usage
  • Quota Usage
  • Monthly Submission
  • Form Created vs Submitted

3.6 Audit Trail

To search Audit Trail Click [Administration -> Audit Trail].
 In the Audit Trail users are able to filter the view by using the drop-down menu available.

3.7 Administrator Report

  • Select the report to be printed. 
  • Click on.  
  • To Rotate the displayed data clockwise click on. 
  • To Download data that is displayed before Print click on.
  • To Print Data displayed click on. 

3.8 Setting

  • Complete General Settings  Data, [Company Name, Banner, Full Address, Office Phone]
  • When done, click on Update setting.
  • Click on Ok to Commit to changes or Click on Cancel to Revert changes.

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