How to access Clinical Data
To access Clinical Data Home, use the following methods:
  • Click Patient & Billing Management Task Panel, click Clinical Data in Task Panel Command.
How to use Clinical Data
  1. Click on Clinical Data
  2. Click on to create new clinical data for the patient.
  3. Fill in SOAP field ( Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Planning).
  4. Users will able to check previous record in the middle of clinical data.
  5. Users will also able to check the past consultations, digital case notes and drawing on the most right side of clinical data.
    • To view Past Consultations, users may click on Past Consultations tab.
    • To view Digital Case Notes, users may click on Digital Case Notes tab
    • To view Drawing, users may click on Drawing tab. Users able to draw on the drawing pad.
How to use Drawing in Clinical Data?
  1. Click on and start to draw.
  2. Click on and erase what already draw.
  3. Click on and choose color that you want to use for drawing.
  4. Click on and choose the size of the pen.

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