Inventory / Inventory Search

How to access Inventory Search?
To access Inventory home, use the following methods:
  • Click Inventory Task Panel on left. Click Invenetor in Task Panel Command
  • In Inventory Search, user able to check  all the drugs/ items here. In this page, user can check the drugs/items with all the branches.
How to add new drug?
  1. To add new drug . Do one of the following.
    • Click Task and click Add New drug OR
    • Right click mouse and click Add New drug.
  2. Input the necessary information into the fields provided in the General Information tab
  3. Select Bill of Material tab if the new drug consists of a concoction of 2 or more drugs. Select item from drop-down menu and enter the amount for quantity if needed
  4. Click Save to save or Cancel to cancel progress
  5. Navigate through the drug list by clicking on the arrows located on the top left of the window
  6. To edit a particular drug, click on Edit
  7. Else, click on New button to continue adding new drugs
  8. Click on Close to exit the Drug Library Editor
How to use Search function?
To search for a particular drug item. Do the following:
  • Enter the item name or ID into the field provided and click Search button
  • Else, leaving it blank and click on Search will display the whole drug list
How to edit/delete drug?
  1. To edit, select the intended drug and do the following:
    • Click Task button, select Edit Drug
    • Right-click mouse, select Edit Drug
  2. To delete, select the intended drug and do the following:
    • Click Task button, select Delete Drug
    • Right-click mouse, select Delete Drug
  3. Click Save after finish edit.
How to build/Unbuild drug?
  1. Select drug with the assembly item image displayed and do one of the following:
  2. Click Task button, select Build/Unbuild
  3. Right-click mouse, select Build/Unbuild
  4. Select  Inventory menu, select Maintain Drug, click Build/Unbuild
  5. Click on New
  6. The editor will display the necessary item related information and the components used
  7. To build, do the following:
    • Select Date
    • Tick Build
    • Input reference (if any)
    • Input Qty to Build [+] 
  8. To unbuild, do the following:
    • Select Date
    • Tick Unbuild
    • Input reference (if any)
    • Input Qty to Unbuild [-]
    • Click Save to save or Cancel to cancel progress
  9. To continue building assembly item, click on New and repeat steps mentioned above
  10. To edit, click on More and click build/unbuild list
  11. Select build/unbuild item and click on Edit
  12. Select build/unbuild item and click on Delete to remove assembly item. Click Yes to confirm deletion
  13. Click on Close to close the editor

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