How to edit labels and reports?
To start the label and report editor:
  • Click Edit menu
  • Point to the desired category: Label, Operational Report, etc.
  • Click the sub-menu item that corresponds to the label or report that you want to change.
Below are screenshots showing all the categories and items that can be edited:
The labels and reports that can be edited in Vanda
Using the label and report editor
The Medical Certificate being customised in the FastReport editor.
The report editor is powered by FastReport.Net and the end-user manual is available on the FastReport website. The appearance of all the parts of each report or label are easily customisable in this editor.
Tips on how the editor works with Vanda:
  1. You cannot customise the "Data sources" (see the Data section in the upper-right corner of the above screenshot), the sources are assigned by Vanda at run-time.
  2. Make sure your printer and report size preferences are set as desired under Vanda's File menu.
  3. The customisations made are saved to .FRX files in categorised sub-folders under the BasicFrames sub-folder under the Vanda client folder. For example, the Medical Certificate edits will be saved under Vanda_client_folder\BasicFrames\Certificate\Reports\MedicalCertificateReport.frx
    ​To find the Vanda client folder, right-click the desktop shortcut to Vanda, select Open file location.
  4. Before making any changes to the default label or report layouts, we recommend you save the default layout in the editor to another file name, so that it can be restored later if needed.
  5. The .FRX files can be copied to any other computer with Vanda - under the same sub-folder structure and file name - and the layout will be used for that label or report automatically.

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