Manual CTMS - E-Form Need Approval ( Project Manager )

Manual CTMS - E-Form Need Approval ( Project Manager )
Table of Contents
Click on
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Click on Sign In
  • Go to Dasboard => Notification
  • Click on To do List
  • Select ePTW Form Need Approval that created
  • Click on Sign
  • Signature in the space provided (Project Manager)
  • Click on Update to save signature or Clear  to erase signature
  • Click on Approved to commit changes , Reject to reject  or Cancel to revert changes
In this case the user click on Approved
  • To Print ePTW Form click on 
  • When done users have options Print (if users want to print ePTW Form) or Cancel to revert changes,
To View e-Form Submissions click on 
  • To delete e-Form Submissions Click on 
  • When done Click Ok to commit changes or Click on Cancel to revert changes

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