Manual CTMS - Create EPTW Submissions ( Applicant )

Manual  CTMS - Create EPTW Submissions ( Applicant )
Table of Contens
Click on
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Click on Sign In
  • Click on Project  => ePTW Submissions
  • Click on 
  • Select  ePTW Submissions
  • With Mark 
  • Click on Create
  • Complete the New Eform
  • Click on Sign to create a signature in accordance with the available column ( Applicant )
  • Click on Submit to commit changes or click on Cancel to revert changes
  • Click on Submit (if users want to submit ), Save as Draft (if users want to save as draft), or click on Cancel to revert changes
In this case the user click on Submit
3. Print ePTW Submissions
  • To Print ePTW Form click on 
  • When done users have options Print (if users want to print ePTW Form) or Cancel to revert changes,
4. View ePTW Submissions
  • To View ePTW Form click on 
  • To Delete ePTW Form click on 
  • When done click on Ok to commit changes or click on Cancel to revert changes

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