Vanda Primeiro for Head Clinic 2015
User Manual
Table of Contents

1.    login用户登录

  • Double click 双  击
  • Click Continue 点  击  Continue

  • Choose Primeiro Health Care Center from Login From column   在Login From框内选择Primeiro Health Care Center
  • Key in the Username and Password ( Given by Primeiro)    填  入  用  户  名  及  密  码
  • Click Connect button 点  击  Connect
  • Click 点  击   
  • Search Patient  搜  索  病  患
  • Select the Consult Doctor 选择咨询医生
  • Add to Queue 添  加  至  队  列
  • Click 点  击   
  • Click 点  击     to record the record consult Time In  记  录  开  始  咨  询  时  间
  • Click 点  击    to access the Clinical Data module
  • Choose the Known Diagnosis  选  择  诊  断
  • Add any description  添  加  描  述
  • Click 点  击     to save the clinical data 保  存
  • Click 点  击    to access MC module
  • Right click to Add Medical Certificate for patient  右  键  点  击  添  加  新  的  病  假  证  明
  • Click 点  击     
  • Click 点  击     to access Dispensary module
  • Click 点  击     or F7 to Add Service Item  或  按  F7 添加服务项

7.    CLAIM 提交申请

  • Click 点  击   or Ctrl+F4 to Claim  或  按  Ctrl+F4提交申请
  • Enter the Voucher Number and identify Has sick leave or not  输  入  Voucher号码并选择是否有病假
  • Click 点  击     to access Claims Module
  • Click 点  击     to view claims  查  看  所  有  申  请

9.    cLAIM approval and rejection 批准或拒绝申请

  • Click 点  击    to access Search Claims Module
  • Click 点  击    to approve or reject the claim 批准或拒绝申请
  • Enter the Reject Reason if necessary 添加拒绝理由

10. payment record记录付款

  • Click 点  击    
  • Click 点  击    to view all the approved claim 查看所有已批准的申请
  • Click 点  击    to record the payment details

11. claim payment 查看付款

  • Click 点  击    to access Claim  Payment Module
  • Check all the claim payment here 查看所有已批准申请的付款记录

12. Reports 报告

  • Click 点  击    to access Common Reports Module
  • View all the panel reports here 查看所有的关于Panel的报告
Make sure of the following before upload the new panel patients listing.
Need to use the excel form (Panel patient uploading form), see the attachment. User need to copy the information to this excel form if they want to use this Listing uploading function.
  • Click 点  击    to access listing Upload Module
  • Copy the information from excel (Need to use Panel Patient Uploading form), choose from Column: Department to Column: Member No. as following) 请使用Panel Patient Uploading form形式的excel文档,复制从Department 到 Member No.框的内容
  • Click 点击 
  • Choose Company, SJM or LKF 选  择  公  司
  • Choose Insurance Plan, For LKF, user need to identify from Plan1, Plan2 or Plan3 选  择  保  险  计  划
  • Choose Branch, user need to select Shared Branch. 选  择  分  支
  • Choose the Year, then click Save. 选  择  年  份

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