Vanda SMS and Email Module
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This function allows user to send patients SMS and Email notifications to notify their upcoming appointments.
Below are the steps to manually send a SMS and Email
  1. Go to File > SMS and Email Management
  2. Go to Send Notification
  3. Select Non-patient
  4. Select Transport type (Email/SMS)
  5. Key in Mobile Number (if send sms)
  6. Key in Email (if send email)
  7. Input Subject (if send email)
  8. Input the Content
  9. (optional) Add attachment (if send email), Click on Save
This is to configure a SMS/Email template for Vanda to send the automated notification.
Notification Settings
Settings to configure when Vanda will send an automated SMS/Email notification
Consent form Template validation is to make Vanda check on whether patient has sign the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form to allow Clinic to send them any form of notification.
If user do not require this, choose <blank>.

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