How to sync vanda appointments to personal google calendar?
To enable google calendar synchronization: 
  • Go to File-> Master data and click on Branches 
  • On the branch list, select the branch with the doctor that wants to sync google calendar and select edit
  • In the selected branch, check the box titled "Google Calendar Synchronization" and then click OK
  • Go to File-> Master data and click on Doctors
  • Select the doctor that wants to sync appointments to google calendar and hit edit 
  • Once on the doctor information, click on the authorize button
  • Your default browser should pop up with a google login page, log in to the desired gmail account for the doctor and click accept (Note: This gmail doesn't have to be shown as the email located above phone number)
  • Once accepted, make sure the doctor's information has the correct gmail shown as well as information stored in access token portion and then click save
  • Every doctor must use a separate email for google calendar synchronization. 

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