How to create Medical Certificate (MC)?

Medical Certificate Home

To access Medical Certificate Home, use the following methods:
  • Click Patient Task Panel and click on Medical Certificate
  • Click Patient Management Menu Bar, select Medical Certificate and click Medical Certificate Home
Add Medical Certificate

To add Medical Certificate, use the following methods:
  • Right-click on Patient Management/Patient Queue, select Medical Certificate >> Add Medical Certificate
  • Click Patient Management Menu Barselect Medical Certificate and click Add Medical Certificate
  • Click Patient Task Panel and click on Medical Certificate. Right-click on Medical Certificate window and click on Add Medical Certificate
  • Fill in the necessary information into the fields provided. 
  • Issued Date by default will follow your systems' date and time
  • Patient's Name field will trigger a drop-down menu listing all the patients in the database
  • Choose from the list of Doctors for Issued By
  • Tick Require Time if you want the MC to state the time the patient attended and left the clinic
  • Tick Excuse Chit if you want to convert the MC to an excuse chit
  • Attended At and Left At is directed to patients who needs Excuse Chit as proof that they are there at the clinic within the time frame
  • Click Is fit for light duty only if patient is excused from heavy load and set the date 
  • or Click on Is medically unfit for normal duty
  • Select the number of days given for medical leave. The date will automatically be generated based on the number of days inputted
  • Select the category for the MC from the drop-down list
  • Lastly, write Remarks (if any) and Press Save to continue. Click on New to continue issuing Medical Certificate. Click on Edit if there's a need for changes. Click on Cancel to cancel. Click on More to Print Medical Certificate
  • Click Close button to close the Medical Certificate Editor
  • Tick Require Time or Excuse Chit if needed
Search Medical Certificate
  • From Medical Certificate Home, use the following method:
    • Under View All Certificates, select an option from the drop-down menu
    • If For currently selected patient is selected, do make sure that patient is selected before hand
    • If For any patients between date range is selected, select the date range for Vanda to do search
    • Click   to start searching
Edit & Delete Medical Certificate
  • From Medical Certificate Home, use the following method:
    • Search Patient Medical Certificate by Patient or Date Range
    • Select the intended Medical Certificate
    • To Edit, simply double-click on the intended Medical Certificate and click on 
    • or Right-click on the intended Medical Certificate and select Edit Medical Certificate
    • To Delete, simply right-click on the intended Medical Certificate and select Delete Medical Certificate
    • or Press Delete from Keyboard
Print Medical Certificate or Excuse Chit
  • With an MC selected, right-click and click Print Medical Certificate or Print Excuse Chit

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