How to Add Laboratory Test?
  • Go to Patient & Billing Management >> Dispensary
  • Right-click on the Service field and click Add Laboratory Test
  • Fill in the necessary information onto the fields in Laboratory Test Editor. (Test DateTest LocationPackage Code or Description)
  • To add items to the test, click on Items >> Add Items
  • To remove items from the test, select the item. Click on Items >> Remove
  • Click OK button to save the Laboratory Test
  • Click on Cancel to close current active window
  • The New laboratory test which is related to the current patient will be reflected under Unbilled Items. Unbilled laboratory test is grouped by Service Type and the amount will be reflected under Payment Module.
How to search Laboratory Tests?
  • You can Search By Date Range by ticking the respective check-box, selecting the date range and clicking Search
  • You can Search By Package by ticking the respective check-box, filling in the text field and clicking Search
  • You can search by Selected Patient Only by ticking the respective check-box and clicking Search
  • Click Print Search Result to print the search result
How to Edit Laboratory Test?
  • Do one of the following to edit the Laboratory Test:
    • Right-click and select Edit Investigation
    • Click   and Select Edit Investigation
  • Edit the information and click Save
How to Print Laboratory Test?
  • Do one of the following to print laboratory test:
    • Right-click and select Print Laboratory Form
    • Click   and select Print Laboratory Form
How to Print Patient Label?
  • Do one of the following to print patient label: 
    • Right-click and select Print Patient Label
    • Click   and select Print Patient Label

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