How to do batch and adjustment?

To access batch and adjustment, use the following methods:
  • Click Inventory Task Panel. Click Batch and Adjustment in Task Pane Command
  • Click Inventory Menu, select Batch and Adjustment and click Batch and Adjustment Home
  • To select the item to be adjusted. Do one of the following:
    • Click Task Button, Select Select Item
    • Right-click, Select Select Item
    • or Select Inventory Menu, Select Batch and Adjustment, click Select Item
  • Select Item ID to adjust and click on OK
  • or search using Search criteria (All Batch Record, Batch Number, Purchase Invoice Number, and Record Date/Created Date).  Selection of Batch Number or Purchase Invoice no. requires a value. Selecting Record Date/Create Date criteria requires users to input the From and To Date. 
  • Click Search Button
How to change Expiry Date?
  • To change the expiry Date. Do the following:
    • Click Task  and click Change Expiry Date
    • Right-Click mouse, click Change Expiry Date
    • or Select Inventory menu, select Batch and Adjustment, Click Change Expiry Date
    • Select the new Expiry Date. Or check Blank to set new Expiry Date to blank or remove current Expiry Date
    • Click OK button to update and save changes
How to do Adjustment?
  • To do Adjustment. Do the following:
    • Click Task and click Do Adjustment
    • Right Click mouse, click Do Adjustment
    • Select Inventory Menu, select Batch and Adjustment, Click Do Adjustment
  • Input quantity to adjust or also adjust the unit cost with the reasons for adjustments
  • Click OK to save adjustment
How to view Adjustment List?
  • To access Adjustment List, do the following:
    • Click Task button, select Adjustment List
    • Right-click mouse, select Adjustment List
    •  or Select Inventory Menu, Select Batch and Adjustment and Click Adjustment List
  • To edit, select the adjustment list then click Edit button and the do the readjustment
  • To delete, select the adjustment list then click Delete button. Click Yes upon confirmation to delete
How to add Bonus medicine given by the vendor.
  1. You need to select the medicine that you want to edit. --> Right click then select item.
  2. When the drug is selected, right click the drug name and select do adjustment.
  3. The bottom left will change to a panel. At there you can do adjustment for the drug quantity and state the reason there.
  4. But please take note of one thing. The expiry date of the drug you add to the existing one must be the same. 

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