A credit note is issued to correct a genuine mistake or to give a credit to your customer under the following situations:
  • correction of a genuine mistake (e.g. goods invoiced as standard-rated which should have been exempt or zero-rated)
  • supply did not take place
  • charges are partly or fully waived before/after delivery of the goods
  • goods or services are accepted, but terms of the contract are not fully met (e.g. sub-standard goods are accepted by the customer at a reduced price)
  • goods are returned or services are not accepted
  • goods and services are supplied for an unconfirmed consideration
The above shows the Credit Note screen.
  • Go to Patient & Billing Management >> Credit Notes
  • Select Self Paid or Bill Company from the radio buttons
  • Select the Date from the drop-down calendar
  • Fill in the Memo/Remark in the respective text field
On the Credit Note screen, user can perform the following functions;
  • Add
  • Delete
  • Save
  • Preview
  • Print
  • Create
To add a new Credit Note item, select the Service Name (which are the Service Items) from the dropdown.
*For Drugs, select ‘Medication’
To see the Credit Note history, clicked on the ‘Applied Credits
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