How to use Payment?

How to add payment
  • To access Payment, do one of the following:
    • On the Patient Queue, click Payment
    • Click Task  , Select Add Payment
    • Right-click Invoice Editor and click on Add Payment
    • Select Patient & Billing Management Pane and click on Payments
    • Click Task  , Select Add Payment
    • Right-click Payment List and click on Add Payment
  • On the menu bar, click Billing and Payment >> Payments >> Add Payment
  • Press Hotkey F8
Making Payment
Under Full, you can tick the check-box of the respective invoice to do full payment.
For partial payment, simply insert the amount under Amount Paid column of the desired invoice.
Also, you can define the Balance amount, and system will automatically work out the Amount Paid.
Under Remark, fill in the text field of the respective invoice.
Select the Date from the drop-down calendar.
Fill in the Memo in the respective text field.
Select the Pay By: and click Confirm & Pay.
Credit Amount
If the patient has credit with the Clinic, user can input the value under Credit Amount and minus from the existing invoice amount.
User can also make patient deposit and later utilize on their bills.
Here is the video link:
Check on the Deposit, input the description name and value (with a minus sign).
Select the Pay By: and Confirm & Pay.
Then you uncheck the Deposit checkbox, go back to the Invoices screen.
You will see the deposit indicated as ‘ORXXXXXX’ (where XXXXXX is a system generated number) with a negative value.
To use deposit:
Indicate the amount desired (with a minus sign) in the Amount Paid in the deposit row.
Indicate the amount required for desired invoice.
Select the Pay By: and click Confirm & Pay.
How to print receipt
  • To print receipt, do one of the following:
    • While in the Payment Editor, Click on More >> Print Selected Receipt or More >> Print Selected Receipt and Invoice
    • Else, to access Payment List, select Billing and Payment from the Menu Bar >> Payments >> Payments Home. Select the intended transaction and do the following:
      • Click Task  , Select Print
      • Right-click Payment List and click on Print
      • On the menu bar, select Billing and Payment >> Payments >> Print
How to search previous transactions
  • To begin search, proceed to Payments Home to access Payment List and do the following
  • Input the date range and click on Search to begin search
  • Else, click on For Current Selected Patient (patient must be in selected beforehand) and click search to narrow the search to a particular person
  • You can search For Session by ticking the respective check-box and clicking the magnifying glass icon
How to view Payment details
  • To view Payment details, do one of the following:
    • Click Task  , Select View Payment Details
    • Right-click Payment List and click on View Payment Details
    • Click on Details from the Payment List
How to delete transactions
  • To delete transactions, do one of the following after selecting the intended transaction:
    • Click Task  , Select Delete Payment
    • Right-click Payment List and click on Delete Payment

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