This function allows Clinic to give individual user account login with specific role management functions.
For audit purposes tracking and reduced unused module display in system.
  • Go to File > User
    • 2 selections available
    • User Management and User Role Management
User Role Management
Set Roles
  • Click on Add
  • User Role Editor window will popup, enter Role Name
    • Eg. Cashier, Register Counter, Pharmacist, etc.
  • Go to Permissions tab
    • Select the required task and click on [>] to assign the task
    • Check the checkbox for required permissions of the task
  • Click on Edit to edit existing selected Role
  • Click on Activate/Deactivate to activate or deactivate Role
User Management
  • Click on Add to create new user
  • Click on Edit to amend existing user
  • Click on Activate/Deactivate to activate or deactivate user
  • Click on More, to set Password or Reset the existing Password
By default, User created is without password

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