Video Tutorial
How to utilize Patient Quick Picker?
  • Patient Quick Picker is a standard module across all versions for users to call upon previous registered patients 
  • Click File Menu >> Show Patient Picker or press F1 to open up the Quick Picker window. Users can also click on the Patient Search shortcut located on the main window of Vanda Clinical Management System
  • Select an option to search for patient (by namecase card no. or Identification no.) and input the necessary keywords into the field provided
  • Select a doctor from the list. Usually, the doctor is based on the doctor in the clinic for that particular day or in some clinics, the specialist or GP who attends to the patient's issues
  • Select visiting purpose and type in any remarks if necessary
  • Click Add to Queue to add patient to the queue, Details to view patient's information, Select to add patient without adding to queue and Cancel to cancel

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