Video Tutorial
Creating Sessions
  • To create sessions, go to File -> Master Data -> Others 
  • Select Session and you will see the few different session there.
  • Click NEW to create a new session. 
  • Key in the name that you want your session to be named.
  • Click EDIT to edit the name of the existing session.
  • Click DELETE to remove the session that is selected.
Example of how to use the session function 
  1. Select a patient and add to patient queue.
  2. The patient went in for consultation and waiting for the medicine.
  3. After the patient got his or her medication, bill the patient, add payment for the patient and click CONFIRM & PAY
  • Go to the payment tab and you will see the patient payment details. (refer to the picture below)
  • Go to file -> close session. To close the session 
  • The patient session at Patient Queue will also change to afternoon once you updated the session.
  • There is a option at the patient queue where you can filter away those patients that their session is already closed 
  • When you tick the check box, those patient that have already closed their session will be hidden.

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