Video Tutorial
How to add, edit, and delete Registered Companies?
  • Click File Menu >> Master Data >> Registered Companies
  • Click Add button to add Registered Companies
  • Key in the information in Registered Companies Editor (Branch Name, Telephone, Fax, Address, Postal, Country, Emergency Telephone, Open Hours, Close Hour, and Close Day). If you want to add company logo, double-click square box.
  • For company logo, the size should be about 56 pixels wide and 70 pixels high. The logo will appear scaled down in the company info editor but in documents that use the logo, it will appear in the original size. Please preview documents that use the logo, such as medical certificates, to make sure it appears as intended. You may need to resize the logo or edit the corresponding report file to get the correct layout.
  • Click OK to save or Click Cancel to cancel saving
  • If you want to edit Registered Companies.
    • Select registered company to edit
      - Double-click the Companies Name
      - Click Edit button
    • Click OK to save changes, or Cancel button to cancel changes.
  • If you want to delete Registered Companies.
    • Select the registered company to delete
    • Click Delete Button
    • Click OK when you get confirmation to delete. Or click No or Cancel when decide to cancel the deleting.

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