How to add, edit, and delete Clinical Data Library?
  • Click Add button to add Clinical Data Library
  • Select Data Item and key in the necessary information under Data Value
  • Click Save to save or Click Cancel to cancel saving
  • Close the editor when finished
  • If you want to edit Clinical Data.
    • Select the Clinical Data Library to edit
    • Click the Data Value in the clinic data library or click Edit button
    • In the Value Editor, click the Edit button. Edit the data value
    • Click OK to save changes, or Cancel button to cancel changes
  • If you want to delete Clinical Data.
    • Select the Clinical Data Library to delete
    • Click Delete Button
    • Click OK when you get confirmation to delete. Or click No or Cancel when decide to cancel the deleting.
  • If you want to search clinical data,
    • Select Data Item Drop Down List
    • Key in the data value
    • Click Search button

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