Video Tutorial
How to add, edit, and delete Branch?
  • Click File Menu >> Master Data >> Branch
  • Click Add button to add Branch
  • Key in the information in Branch Editor (Branch Name, Telephone, Fax, Address, Postal, Country, Emergency Telephone, Opening Hours, Closed Hours, and Closed Days).
  • Click OK to save or Click Cancel to cancel saving
  • If you want to synchronize Vanda's appointment calendar with a Google account's calendar, tick "Google Calendar Synchronization".
  • If you want to edit Branch.
    • Select the branch to edit
      - Click the Branch Name
      - Click Edit button
    • Click OK to save changes, or Cancel button to cancel changes.
  • If you want to delete Branch.
    • Select the branch to delete
    • Click Delete Button
    • Click OK when you get confirmation to delete. Or click No or Cancel when decide to cancel the deleting.
Vanda also allow multi-branch input that means you can add more than 1 branch under the company.
Kindly contact database administrator for user management of the additional branches.

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